Epsom Players are the society of amateur drama artists, who produce their shows in Epsom town in England. They have been producing shows in Epsom for more than 100 years.
Their site is the showcase site to view/book current shows, future shows and more. The site is primarily developed using WordPress and the starter theme called Understrap with a variety of custom features either integrated using the 3rd party plugins or custom developed by us.

Challenges, Solutions & Approach

As the site is primarily designed to display the shows Epsom Players producing, they had the simplistic approach towards the color scheme of the site and functionality of how they can manage their shows from the website.

Here are some of the key challenges we faced with the development and customization of the website

Customized Design Layout

Even though we used the “Understrap” (WordPress & Bootstrap based starter theme developed by community), We created a child theme to make the site future upgrade proof and customized the whole default design & layout for all major devices ( Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile).

Taking the minimalist approach towards the look and feel suggested by the customer, we used the pink and white color scheme, card-based layout for shows and sliders.

Custom Post Type

We created “shows” as custom post type and associated many dependant custom meta fields along with it. So the customer can easily create and manage the shows.

Show Status was another challenge as there is multiple business logic to show/hide the Show

Show Slider

We have developed a custom slider to display a card-based layout slider for the shows which are archived once the show date is over.

Technology used

  • WordPress
  • Understrap (WordPress & Bootstrap based starter theme developed by community)
  • Linux based Cloud Server
  • Custom SMTP Solution

Training & Support

We have provided 50+ hours of training to the customer on the how-to of the website, shows, SEO approach, etc. And we are providing continuous priority support to any and all queries of the customer with respect to the site and future suggestions.

Budget Range & Time

The website and it’s associated tools have been integrated and are still maintained & Supported by us.

  • Time: 1+ Months (Initial Release)
  • Budget: £1500+