So you’ve heard mobile app development is too difficult? We understand. Mobile is one of the most rapidly changing and pervasive technologies we’ve encountered since the internet. But don’t let the naysayers stop you from a golden opportunity to bring tremendous value to your organization. At WDA, we’ve streamlined the process of delivering mobile apps so that any company can get quick and high quality results.

The Future of mobile applications was uncertain a couple of years ago but if we are to judge their importance now, the only indicator needed is the fact that the majority of online requests are generated from mobile devices. Thus, there is no doubt that mobile apps are the key to reach a wider audience and to gain leverage over other companies and it’s simply because by using mobile technology users are no longer tied to their desktops or notebooks.

You may not know this, but WDA is the original low-code mobile app development company. How so? We’ve been insulating developers from the technical complexities of mobile development since mobile’s inception. With WDA, you can quickly provide users with a stunning, modern UX, giving them real-time access to your data, allow them to use all the cool native device features such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth, and even enable them to continue working when they’ve lost their Internet connection. You can do all of this without a large team of full-stack developers.

No matter how complex your idea for a mobile app may be, we guarantee you that we will find a solution which will fit your needs not only from a technical but also from an economical point of view.





Looking for the best mobile app Development Services

01. iOS App Development

Outsource iPhone app dev tasks to our company and get your product done by proficient iOS coders. They are knowledgeable in such programming languages as Objective-C and Swift.

02. Android App Development

We use Kotlin, a top-notch technology for creating Android applications. Our coders have already created 20+ Android apps from scratch – from wireframes to Google Play release.

03. Native App Development

Choose native technologies if you want to create either iOS or Android version of your app. Our coders will create attractive and reliable applications with flawless user experience.

04. Cross-Platform App Development

Devox Software provides cross-platform app development services. It’s an ideal solution for those who are interested in the quick creation of a mobile app for multiple platforms.

05. Xamarin App Development

Kill two birds with one stone and get your app written in Xamarin. Instead of creating two native apps, our Xamarin developers will build an app that operates both on iOS and Android platforms.

06. Flutter App Development

We master modern technology to provide top-level services to our customers. Flutter is one the innovations. This UI framework allows creating native-like apps with awesome design.

Our Process


Share your specification

If you want to assign us mobile development tasks, send us your project requirements. Also, you can send us your job description if you need a custom-recruited Android or iOS programmers.

Receive prior calculation

Our software engineers will get to the bottom of technical specifications to tell how much time and effort your tasks require. For the IT staffing model.

Choose engagement model

Together with an approximate estimation, you get a few suggestions regarding possible cooperation models. We describe their pros and cons so that you can select the right solution.

Overview developers’ work

You can monitor mobile development without hindrance into the process or take part in it by managing your Android/iOS experts, setting tasks and checking their performance.

Get your app done

When your software is ready, we check it for bugs and transfer it to you together with all intellectual property rights. If needed, the team can keep supporting your application and add new features in the future.

Industries We Serve

Here, We make almost every genre of applications. You name it and we build it.

Retail, Ecommerce

Education & E-Learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Logistics & Distribution


Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant